Nail Polish, Hand Soap and Subtraction: Just Another Friday [Video]

It all started innocently enough… I stood at my bathroom counter and faced a question… get one hand fully nail polished, or half-way complete two hands. And I wondered, what would my people do? And then I thought – I’ll make a video! But first I need to refill my hand soap… and this is the child that was birthed from circumstance…

P.S. Here’s a picture. A caramel sauce latte. Because I love a good caramel sauce latte, and I love you…

caramel sauce latte


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2 Responses to “Nail Polish, Hand Soap and Subtraction: Just Another Friday [Video]”

  1. Kerry says:

    mmmmm… that Latte looks amazing! I actually laughed Out Loud when you smacked the two bottles together – ahhaha!! “I combined em” Go Jenny! And Lucy is toooooo sweet, have a happy weekend lovely lady xxx

  2. That caramel sauce looks sooo good!

    You have very nice video presence. I still struggle with feeling comfortable but I continue on!

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