The Monday Minute: Cheater Paella

The Monday Minute: Cheater Paella

It’s Monday, so that means… Monday Minute… where it’s always Monday, but never just one minute! As I mentioned above, in today’s Monday Minute I reveal a very special secret… CHEATER PAELLA!

If you are one of the Faithful (oooh, sounds so exclusive and cult-ish!), you know sometimes the Monday Minute doesn’t happen. And sometimes it does. I am work hard to turn the “sometimes it does” into “EVERY MONDAY RAIN OR SHINE, YO”.

You can find The Monday Minute every-ish Monday over on my Facebook page – here. It’s often LIVE, but sometimes it’s recorded. I’m crazy like that. You can pop over to YouTube… the Monday Minute ends up there sometimes too.

We talked about a few things (and by a few things I mean A LOT OF THINGS) today.

We played a little catch-up. Y’all caught me up on breaking news. And per usual, I shared with you some of the things we can be looking forward to this week:

  • Today is National Waffle Day
  • Tuesday (3/26) is National Spinach Day & Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
  • Wednesday (3/27) is National Paella Day. Cheater Paella recipe is below.
  • Thursday is National Something on a Stick Day. FUN STUFF PEOPLE. FUN STUFF.
  • Friday is everyone’s favorite day… like there needs to be anything else *wink wink*. If you do need something to look forward to for Friday – it is International Mermaid Day so, order your own Ariel Barbie, and green hair spray (affiliate links) braid your hair, or the hair of someone you love and OWN THIS LOOK.

OK. I promised you a recipe. SO here it is…

Cheater Paella Recipe:

Cheater Paella Recipe #paella #easydinner #quickdinner

  • Get yourself some Spanish Rice-a-Roni (affiliate link). Make that.
  • Meanwhile, cook-up some shrimp or scallops or chicken… or ALL. If your into mussels, go for it, but I don’t think they go with the theme of EASY RECIPE.
  • Toss in some beans if you want.
  • Mix all of that goodness together to heat it through and BAM.


I’m not saying it’s better that good, old fashioned Paella. But what I AM say is… this is EASY.

Paella not your thing? How about pork chops? I created a couple of DELICIOUS glazes for pork chops awhile back… a spicy plum, and a sweet orange ginger. SO YUM. You can find BOTH recipes in this post here.

Orange and Ginger pork shop Glaze, and Plum porkchop glaze



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