DIY: Boot Shapers Using Paper Grocery Bags

Pretty much, the title says it all…

DIY: Boot Shapers Using Paper Grocery Bags

I made this into a video for 2 reasons:

#1: Because I’m a vlogger and that is what vloggers do… make videos.

#2: See #1

So… whattdya think?

2 paper grocery bags make great boot shapers!

And now you know where I shop.

But I digress.

I was just so tired of my make-shift alternative to keep my boots in-shape, shall we say. It wasn’t so much the bags in the boots, but having to take the many plastic bags out and having put them back in — AND then what to do with the pile of plastic bags when not in the boots, etc and whathaveyou.

I feel more organized already.

Happy Friday!

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