A 40th birthday, cheese slapping and then the neighbors called the popo.

Let’s just say that I am no spring chicken, nor have I ever been to the principal’s office (well… not because of ME), nor have I ever been to a kind-of party where The Law has been summoned.

UNTIL this weekend.

It all started innocently enough. My friend. Her 40th. Black-bottom cupcakes. Cute decorations.

black-bottom cupcakes


Margaritas. Beer… Basic party-hydration needs were met.

party success

A DJ… who loved me who took requests…

song requests?



[image credit]

I’d say probably half a department’s worth of firemen, medics, etc… were at this party, ladies.

I know. You’re hyperventilating and thinking, “I WANT HER LIFE.”


There was chalk!

where are the dead people?

A microphone… on which I may or may not, but MAY have sung Ice Ice Baby… And Eminem’s Lose Yourself… because I was a white rapper guy in my past life, I just know it…

I love me a micrphone

There was adequate signeage that made me snortle like an 8th grade boy…

"equipement" heh.

There was a grill the size of an Old Testament altar!!!

grillin' chicken

We were safe though, because… in case I forgot to mention – FIREMEN.


THERE WAS A GLUTEN, DAIRY, EGG AND SOY-FREE SECTION!!! This party was thah shizzle! Ain’t nobody havin’ no allergic reactions at this party, yo!!!

just say no to skin rash

One thing lead to another and before we knew it… the clock struck 11 and the popo stood at the door of the barn/shop on account of the very loud Vanilla Ice, Guns & Roses, Lady Gaga, and whohavesyou…

The Lawman: If I have to come back, I’ll have to fine you $250.

One of the firemen attendees queried: What if we just pay you now, then you won’t have to come back?

I like these people. These are good people.

Fear not, law abiding citizens… we turned down the noise and kept our money… But what’s a party to do when the volume goes from an 11 to, say a 6 or a 7?

It was time to deal with leftover slices of cheese from the deli-try, yo!


In 3,2,1…


*I will give you ladies a few moments to pause*










Shirtless firemen …slapping each otherssssesss chests and backs with leftover deli-tray cheese.

cheese welts

And there may or may not have been a leftover boneless, skinless BBQd chicken thigh tossed about as well…

chicken thigh welt

And my husband was there too, lest you cast judgement on my judgement as a married woman…

the huz and me

He even earned HIS very own cheese welt. But THAT picture is just for us.


P.S. This wasn’t my birthday party {HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!!!}… but I wish it was. I mean, really… c’mon who get’s to have a party like that?

SARA does. That’s who.

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26 Responses to “A 40th birthday, cheese slapping and then the neighbors called the popo.”

  1. Craig says:

    Speechless really, just… Speechless… Except that… No I’m speechless… But… Nevermind… Speechless… Except… Happy birthday! God bless.

  2. Stefanie (your retreat sub) says:

    Awesome post! Nice to meet you Jenny!

  3. Lisa Frame says:

    Woman. Wow. Just wow. Next party? I’m so hopping a plane and gonna be your +1, k?

  4. Dang, girl. You just ruined another fantasy.

  5. burghbaby says:

    You had me at “margarita” but then I saw that you’re married to Elvis and now I’m all distracted.

  6. Seriously…..you and I….kindred. Totally wish I lived near you…..dang military won’t give us orders there like they are supposed to. They don’t understand my need to have fun friends to spend time with.

    Anywho……..the cheese slapping…what’s that about exactly? I’m guessing that was a four-gallons plus margarita induced situation? hahaha. 😀

  7. sara says:

    i see you kept the really incriminating photos for WE……..you are a true friend………..more of us were shirtless, (thank u for not mentioning my name)……oops i mean name, just names
    ! =P I love you Jenny, u ROCK my world, and my barn dance………….

  8. janet says:

    I want your life–maybe just a week’s worth.

  9. Jennheffer says:

    Oh how I WISH I could have been there. The memories are a FLOWIN! The drinks…the barn…the music….the FIREMEN…. Good times!

    I love all you people to the moon!!

  10. Tammy says:

    Who knew cheese slices could be so deadly????

  11. Jules says:

    Holy Cow! THAT is an awesome party!

  12. Whyyyyyyyy must you live so far away??? Seriously, I would have hid in your purse so you could have snuck me in….and been on my *best* behavior!! *bats eyelashes* Broad shoulders, beer….what else does a woman need?!

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