Valentine's Day and the Blackness of My Heart

3 kids. 3 times the sugar-rush. Preschool, 1st grade and 3rd grade…


Being the self-proclaimed Valentine scrooge that I am, I started this Friday the 13th off right – fuming about the ridiculosity of this “holiday”. My poor kids. I may be robbing the sweetness right on out of their Valentine-lovin’ hearts. *raises fist to fictitional Cupid*

Despite my strong feelings of NOT love for this commercial holiday, I have children I love and could not say no when my 2 older kids asked if I could help with their parties. So, in an effort to trick myself into thinking the whole “Valtentines” routine was a joy instead of, say… like an arrow through my EYE… I geared up my outer self — to hide the blackness of my Valentine heart:



  • Valentine hair…
  • Valentine accessory…
  • Valentine shirt, but that’s not all…
  • A Valentine belt…
  • and of course… the shoes. The shoes, the shoes, the shoes…

Obviously, I was workin’ the “Valentine” theme. No one suspected a rotten (literally, my heart) thing. Especially not the first grade girls. In fact, I think my black heart might be turning a delightful shade of gray. Those first grade girls are honest. 

So **flips hair** I walk into my daughter’s classroom — rockin’ the Valentine look, yo. I flash the peace sign to Olivia. I wave at Olivia and go up to kiss her head. At this point I overheard the whispers of two of her classmates,

Your mom is so pretty…. Yeah, she is… your mom is really pretty… 

As I walked away, Olivia said,

Yeah, I know. She is pretty.

When Livi got home from school she even told me what they said… Bless their little hearts (that have not yet been blackened, like a breast of Cajun chicken over at the TGI Fridays). I think they were distracted – by the pink hair… the heart belt (cheap-o plastic!)… and of course, the shoes. The shoes, the shoes, the shoes… Smart girls. If first grade girls appreciate anything, it’s accessorizing. I think I rocked their little world. *buffs nails on shirt*

Hmmm… maybe I CAN have an entourage afterall… I digress.

Meanwhile, Lucy (the 3 year old) proved she truly is my daughter. One word: GLITTER…

Wait – look closer. We’re talking a mounds of glitter:

I am soooooo doing something right.


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8 Responses to “Valentine's Day and the Blackness of My Heart”

  1. Maggie says:

    lol, I must admit… you WERE rockin’ it, girl!! Boy, they really sugared them up with those plates, huh?! Even our daycare handed out a plate of chips and dip, orange slices, half a banana, and ONE Valentine cookie. I guess the older they get, the more they just let the sugar take over. Sugar is prettier, and easier to decorate with on Valentines day than say, an ORANGE. Halloween, maybe, but not V-Day! LOL Happy Valentine’s Day, Jenny!! =)

  2. I’ve never even thought of pulling off a complete Valentine’s Day ensemble! That is awesome! I think my downfall comes in the fact that I do not have those rocking sparkly Chucks. Mine are adorned with skulls, which I fear sends the wrong message at this time of year.

    Vive la glitter!

  3. jennielynn says:

    You are pretty. Super pretty. Have I ever told you that you look like Julia Roberts?

    You should have seen my face when Katie told me that her friend told her that her mom talks about how “gorgeous” I am. Kate is convinced she was serious. I am sad that this poor girl has a meth addict for a mom.

  4. jenny says:

    Maggie – I know. It was nuts. Sickening, really. Just awful. But pretty….

    FADKOG – OOOH – skulls! See… I think THOSE would have been PERFECT for V-Day observance! Gonna have to get a pair for next year 😉

    Jenn – Yeah, you and 2 annebriated (sp) men with questionable social skills probably not necessarily due to said annebriation. So, have you been drinking, my “special” old man friend…?

  5. All these sparkly happy red heart-y pictures make me want to get out the construction paper and glitter. Or maybe just go out and buy pink-dyed cupcakes. Yes. Cupcakes. Happy V-Day, O black-hearted one!

  6. D... says:

    Kids are so good for the self esteem! Why do you think I work at an elementary school? 😉

    Those girls were dead on right, tho! And The Shoes totally make an outfit!

  7. Lisa B. says:

    Three things:

    1. You’re a cool mom!

    2. I don’t like Valentine’s either. My husband and I NEVER celebrate it.

    3. My husband works for T.G.I Friday’s. 16 years. Started as a busboy. Now’s he thinks he’s all fancy with his big title… Director of Operations. : )

    I meant 4 things:

    4. I plan on emailing you shortly to give you all the down-low. You know, about the little girl?


  8. jubilee says:

    I have no doubt whatsoever that you are doing many things right. *hugs*

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