The Monday Minute (or two): With Special Guest, My Daughter Lucy!

Hi guys!

Right now I am in the vicinity of San Francisco with my daughter Lucy, about 11 adults, and about 49 other teens and tweens. We drove down the West Coast to No Cal all day yesterday… So Lucy and I shot this video on Friday so this would be ready for you today!

I loved having her join me. Sometimes it gets lonely sitting in front of a rolling camera by oneself *wink wink*

Happy Monday and happy week! Stay safe, sane, and kind.

Oh… and peace and sparkles.

Oh again, pray I get sleep this week. I’m excited to be on this youth trip, but to be completely honest I am worried about getting enough beauty rest. At my age I need A LOT of it.

If you’re at all curious about my adventure this week, be sure to connect with my Instagram account (here). I’ll be sharing stories and pictures along the way over there! But not when I’m driving!

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