The Confessional: I have a scarf problem. SCARVES.

I have this friend.

Her name is Amy.

Amy and Jenny a.k.a. chillin' like villains

Amy has a problem… a problem with birds.

Her video [here… watch her video confession here] inspired me.

I was inspired because I have a confession too.

My name is Jenny and I have a problem…

I have a problem with scarves.


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8 Responses to “The Confessional: I have a scarf problem. SCARVES.”

  1. Lu says:

    I used to have a scarf problem. Now, I have a bracelet problem. I believe these are good problems to have. By the way, my Rivet & Sway samples are on the way. I am so excited!!

  2. Diana says:

    I’m trying to have a scarf problem, but I feel weird wearing them.

  3. Michelle says:

    You are so brave for coming out *ahem* staying in your closet and sharing your weakness.
    I too have that weakness, sister.
    Maybe we can enable each other and drink coffee and wear all our scarves…
    Or maybe we should never speak of this again.
    Strength to you.

  4. This is hysterical! And at least you have good reason to have so many scarves…the Pacific North-wet requires regular warmth assistance. 🙂 It’s kind of like me with shoes. Although I don’t have a quality reason to have so many…

  5. Amy says:

    It is good that you are coming out with your problem.

  6. Veronica says:

    YOU CRACK ME UP!!! Esp. the fortifying with COFFEE to confess about the SCARVES!!! Love the sequin scarf – know that only YOU could wear a sequin scarf and look stylish! I would look cRaZy if I did that! So… did you move to the Pacific NW to feed the need for scarves or did moving to the Pacific NW drive you to need scarves? Just askin’ the question…

  7. jennielynn says:

    Selby says you are “The Scarf Master.”

    Like Diana, I feel stupid in scarves. I need to come spend time with you and learn at the feet of a master. 😉

  8. Lisa says:

    Holy buckets woman! I bet if we tied all your scarves from end to end, they could reach from your house to mine. Let’s try. And have huge cups of coffee. Cups as big as our heads.


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