The Confessional: An Epiphany on The Epiphany

confessionalCoincidence? I think not.

*An aside – say THAT title 10 times fast, and try not to sound like a cacophony of stu…stu…stutttterancesses.


My epiphany ON The Epiphany:

My Christmas decorations…

They are still up.

I pretty much forgot they were up.

And I have no idea when they will come down.

None idea.

*looks at calendar*


None. Idea.

Of course, instead of sitting here… writing about my epiphany… I could totally start deChristmassiffying…

*logs onto Twitter*

*checks Facebook*

*uploads pic to Flickr*


In other news, I am growing quite fond of creative suffix-iating and tense-enhancing my wordsesses.

The end.

I kid.

One more thing…


That’s my new favorite word.

And cacophony. That’s a fun word to try to say without spitting lisping.


The end.

For realsies.

I’m serious.

As a myocardial infarction.




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2 Responses to “The Confessional: An Epiphany on The Epiphany”

  1. ahh…christmas decorations are fun aren’t they?
    lol…..I guess you are early for christmas 2011….

  2. Ok, this will make you feel better…

    but the Christmas holiday does not officially end UNTIL the Epiphany.
    You know. When the three wise men show up.
    Which also happens to be the Hubs’ birthday. (No coincidence there, none of them stop for directions.)

    So we are not ALLOWED to take the tree down until then.

    Guess what? My tree is STILL up.
    But I did get the other decorations down. But that is another story.

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