Make Me Laugh Monday: Meeting Goals and VIPeeps!

Yep. SUCCESS! Totally basking in all kinds of glory over here. *eyes cross* This totally confirms why I am such a fan of setting a very low bar… I have never been good at high jumping. And also paying off debt. I could explain why this alert from Mint is not ver accurate, but yadda, yadda […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: Lucy Draws and One Easy Piece

OK, friends. THIS makes ME laugh. i o lucy lol Lucy is an emergent speller. She has no idea what she wrote (other than her name), but she writes… hoping to someday spell something other than her name. “Is that a word, Mom? Is THAT a word…” I LOVE watching this process. Besides, she wrote […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: Maybe It'll Be Funny in Hindsight

It’s been a bit, well… busy lately. My house is… well… feels less like a house and more like a garbage dump, but with more dog hair. *eyes go wild* So, my husband, saw me in my glory distress (read: he may or may not have called home to speak to a weepy, sobby, hiccupy-crying […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: The Reporter

I wasn’t planning on posting a MMLM post… simply because I already posted today. And I have laundry to do. Coffee to consume. I’m supposed to WORKING. Sheesh. But sometimes. I came across this video today. I laughed SO hard. And I just have to share it. Have to. I love to laugh, and I […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: Living Outside the City Limits

We live outside the city limits. 3 acres of scotch broom dandelions dirt weeds open space. We answer to no city water plan. WE have a private well. Oh the joys of outter-city dwelling. I have a question for you… what do you get when you cross a man, his frozen well-head, a space heater, […]

Make We Laugh Monday: Shopping "Treasures"

These are just a couple things I’ve seen… things I take a picture of and text to my friends… Had texting/MMS been invented when I was 16… these are the text notes I’d have been passing in class… And also, WHO NAMES THESE THINGS?!!! No seriously. Who? ******** Keep up on the ridiculous, the insightful, […]

Make Me Laugh Monday – A Comeback and Infomercials

I know. I said I was gonna can this series. I am still flopping about on this issue like a freshly caught fish that escaped the hook and is now flipping and flopping about on the deck. Neither the fish nor I know where we’re going, but we know we just need to keep moving. […]

Make Me Laugh Monday – Dirty UPS Truck

The toughest criticism is self-criticism. Zeuxis, an ancient Greek painter, stepped back from a finished canvas and saw the flaws in his work. He began laughing at himself, couldn’t stop, burst a blood vessel, and laughed himself to death.  (Excerpt taken from the book Twisted: Tales From The Wacky Side of Life by Bob Fenster – […]

Make Me Laugh Monday – Unrealistically Large Heads

       Don’t you forget, my friends: “All head sizes are beautiful!” and “Beauty comes in all head sizes.” Also, just say “NO!!!” *hands waving above head as you run for your life* to Bratz dolls. ***I want to give a shout-out to my friend Jen C. on the East Coast, yo… for bringing this […]