DIY Glittered Wine Bottles!!!

I have a tutorial for Awesome for us all today… DIY GLITTERED WINE BOTTLES, yo! DIY Glittered Wine Bottles, PEOPLE. Don’t hate me because my glittered wine bottle is beautiful. This craft was inspired right after I made my glitter-filled insulated cold cup. I LITERALLY (not figuratively literally, but literally LITERALLY) looked around my house, […]

How To Make Your Own Body Glitter!

Do you ever wear body glitter? GOOD. You should. We all should. Regularly. Especially now… during the HOLIDAY season. Trees should not be more sparkly than you. Ever. So, in an effort to help us be prepared I give to you instructions on… How To Make Your Own Body Glitter, BOOM! You will need a […]

Take It On Tuesday: How To Make Glitter-Filled Starbucks Cold Cup!

It is Take It On Tuesday and I am taking on how to make a glitter filled insulated cold cup! More specifically, the… Starbucks Cold Cup I AM A FLIPPING GLITTER NINJA, PEOPLE!!! I followed this how-to that I found on Pinterest. But I had to make a video. Because that’s what I do. Glitter […]

Make We Laugh Monday: I’m Actually Jealous

Why does Barbie get all the cool stuff? Seriously. First a Corvette, then a hot tub party bus, then Ken… and now a glitter hairdryer? I don’t think this is funny at all, actually! It is TOTALLY unfair. She’ll never appreciate the glitter hairdryer like I would. And from what I understand, were we to […]

Valentine's Day and the Blackness of My Heart

3 kids. 3 times the sugar-rush. Preschool, 1st grade and 3rd grade…       Being the self-proclaimed Valentine scrooge that I am, I started this Friday the 13th off right – fuming about the ridiculosity of this “holiday”. My poor kids. I may be robbing the sweetness right on out of their Valentine-lovin’ hearts. *raises fist […]