A catch-all of sorts.

Has it been a week or HAS IT BEEN A WEEK?! Dudes. I am HUNGRY. My stomach is totes growling, but you can’t hear it because this is not a VLOG. I forgot to eat until about 2:30… I realized  it when I noticed my hands were shaking when someone asked me for my ID […]

Giveaway Round-up!

I have several giveaways happening right now! But all are coming to a close VERY soon. I want to highlight them in case you’ve missed one or have forgotten or *insert your reason here*.  I don’t do these round-ups very often, so thank you for bearing with me… and good luck! 1) Would you like […]

For Winning

Who doesn’t like to win? Seriously. Unless it’s winning a contest for being the ugliest. Or winning a contest for being stinky. *Speaking of stink, parents… have you seen my post about Don’t Fret the Sweat? There’s video!!! I suppose we can’t forget Charlie Sheen. His winning is not so much winning either. But I […]

Make We Laugh Monday: How Did They Get To Here?

It has been awhile since I checked out the keyword phrases that are sending searchers over to Jenny On the Spot. Searchers. I am always a little surprised. Always a little disturbed. And always entertained by the creative long string searches that land folks on the doorstep of Jenny On the Spot. It makes me […]