One time, I learned how to utilize the whole of a chicken… Comb and ALL.

So, I live in a more rural-type are.

You can’t tell by how super-savvy and cool I am that I live outside of the city town limits, huh?

And yes, I know my grasp on reality is loose at best.


I was invited by a friend who works in the business of farming to lead a session at the local small farms expo about using social media in the business of farming back… oh say four score and seven years ago a few months ago.

Of course it is always fun to be at the front of a room, runnin’ and ownin’ the Power Point, but the coolest part was that I could have stayed ALL day and gone to other sessions.

I totes wanted to hit that one sesh about tractors.

Tractors are HOTT.

Sadly, my schedule did not permit the ALL DAY part, BUT I did get to stay for… what was to me… the most intriguing session of all the sessions of any conference I have ever been to – How to use the WHOLE chicken.

Like, WHOLE.

Not like the roasted “whole” chicken you see at the grocery store.

Or even the “WHOLE” chicken in your grocer’s freezer/refrigerated section.




Even the comb. Which they called cock’s cull. Which… aaaanywho…

I’m going to show you pictures, so you faint of heart… have been warned. My pictures are not the highest quality either. I was working hard to be a professional (stop laughing), capturing blog-worthy content.

In other words, I was trying not to vomit in class…

chicken comb



THAT, my friends… is comb of chicken.

So. Apparently, these bad boys can be marinated and prepared for the purpose of eating.


chicken combs for dinner!

an assortment of crowns

The bowl on the left is filled with combs…. FOR EATING… the 2 bowls on the right hold chicken feet.



chicken feet

The Teriyaki AFTER:

teriyaki chicken foot

And these are my feet:

my feet

Which are NOT for eating.

An aside… I was watching The Doctors one day. (And by “watching”, I mean GAGGING)… They had a guy on the show who said/admitted he bites his toenails.

You read that right… BITES. HIS. TOENAILS. PEOPLE.

Another way of looking at it is… HE PUTS HIS FEET IN HIS MOUTH AND HE IS NOT A 4 MOTH OLD BABY.

He said his wife wants him to stop.

I was all, “HE’S MARRIED?!!!”

Then I looked at my husband and said, “If you EVER….”

I’d have to say, if I was captured my terrorists and they gave me a choice – between eating teriyaki chicken feet or biting my toenails.

I’d eat the chicken foot.

And it has nothing to do with my flexibility.

Nor hygiene.

– Back to chickens –

The coolest thing I learned at the expo was when you are using the chicken for making stock, the chicken must be started in cold water. COLD water.

If it is started in hot water, then the wee-little chicken joints seal and none of the joint juices get to make it to the stock… which apparently gives chicken stock its delightful flavor.

Joint juice.


For some reason, “Ignorance is bliss” comes to mind…

Lastly, WHO. KNEW a chicken purse could be SO CUTE?!

chicken purse

My one regret of the day?

Not that I didn’t eat Comb of Chicken.

Not that I passed on the Foot of Chicken, Teriyaki-style.

But perhaps that I didn’t spring for that purse.

I mean, I have NEVER seen a blogger struttin’ around a conference with one of those BAD BOYS.

Or is that a girl?


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8 Responses to “One time, I learned how to utilize the whole of a chicken… Comb and ALL.”

  1. This why I’m going vegan. A big no thanks on the chicken claws.

    My best buddy has that exact chicken purse and it is a hoot.

    Found it on Amazon. Twenty bucks with Prime. I dare you!


    • BrassyDel says:

      Thank you!! I was seriously going to nag Jenny for a product link! But seeing on Amazon that it’s rubber bums me out. I thought it was like a flat, fabric, cutesy-kitsch chicken, but I guess it is more of a goofy chicken.

  2. Lu says:

    The chicken purse cracked me up. Chicken combs…I don’t know about that. Oh, my…

  3. The older I get the weaker I get because I am still gagging, and I just.cant remove the images from my mind. If I could burn that part of my brain I would, fo’ sho’s.

  4. Emily says:

    I was eating my breakfast while reading this. Thanks for NOTHING 🙂

  5. Jen says:

    I know that people like to eat these parts of the chicken but ew! ew! ew!

    No thank you.

    The chicken purse on the other hand… yeah, total bummer you didn’t buy that bad boy (or girl).

  6. Jo says:

    I sooo want that purse!! Cock Skull, huh…Yeah, not gonna even touch that one…. Joint Juice?!?!?! Really? I totes LOL’d on that one!! I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny right there! 1,000,000,000 (useless mind you) points if you can tell me who says that!! ;o)

  7. BrassyDel says:

    WHAT?! The Hubs never told me he was going on The Doctors! Please tell me they told him to STOP IT OMG.

    I caught my 3 yr old daughter chewing her toenails last week. I cry the ugly cry for her.

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