My Sister-In-Law is an Overachiever (A few words about dirty underwear)

Lest anyone think I have my act together… have I told you about the time:

ONE of my kids (who shall forever remain nameless except to whom the child has already been named) approached me one time…

Mom. I need clean underwear.

I asked if enough looking for clean underwear had occurred.

And there had been.

With 5 minutes left before having to leave for school… I realized we were at an impasse – of sorts.

There was no time to wash underwear.

There was no suitable underwear substitute.

“Well,” I said… “You’re gonna have to turn them inside out.”

To which the child replied, “I DID THAT FOUR DAYS AGO.”

Since then, the children have all been taught how to do their own laundry, and I have also done my part to help make sure my children have the clean underwear needed.

But this is real life.

There is never “Clean underwear ever after…”

Not too long ago one of my children was packing to to spend a couple days with family.

Once again, underwear was an issue.

Mom. I don’t have any clean underwear.


What is a mom to do?

I called my sister-in-law and left her a voicemail message that I was sending a bag of dirty underwear for her to wash.

She texted, “You’re in luck! I am doing laundry.”

I texted back, “Overachiever.”

my sister-in-law via @jennyonthespot
It takes a village.


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10 Responses to “My Sister-In-Law is an Overachiever (A few words about dirty underwear)”

  1. Jenn says:

    I have a list on my fridge. It’s of people I miss. Both of you are on that list.

  2. Thanks for the props JOTS. Glad to know that my doing laundry is noteworthy. As for the overachiever in me.. (shameless plug intro) I have updated my “aceofkerry” blog over winter break. I still have a way to go because I got side tracked imputing our family recipies into allrecipes.com and cleaning out my junk closet.

  3. Michelle says:

    What happened to just going “commando”??

  4. Lu says:

    How awesome. Working as a team on dirty underwear!

  5. Mama Belle says:


    That’s all.

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