Have you ever put your hoodie on backwards? I may or may not be asking for a specific reason.

Seriously. Have you ever put your hoodie on backwards?

Sadly… over the last several days this has become a bit of a pattern for me.

Oh yes it has.

In my defense, when I don’t take the time to right my hoodie, I do lower the hood… so I can see. Ish. So I can make sandwiches for the kids’ lunch and yell at the kids to brush their teeth and to remember to wear socks.



Nothing like a backwards hoodie via @jennyonthespot
My new little unintentional habit makes me feel a little bit like Christopher Walken in the the More Cowbell sketch on SNL (:35 to 1:05)…

Hey guys… I put my hoodie on, just like the rest of you… one arm at a time.

Except, once my hoodie is on… I can’t see.

I put my hoodies on backwards via @jennyonthespot
I probably won’t be making any gold records, but it’s…. um…





P.S. Greta from Gunkified Called me out and commented on my post about legwarmers (yesterday) that she was hoping for a picture of my admitted legwarmer-wearing. Here’s that picture/proof, Greta!!!

I wear legwarmers via @jennyonthespot

P.S. My Wilsonart countertop giveaway with 1 hour design consult from Summer Baltazar (from HGTV’s Design on a Dime) is still open… it’s an easy entry. No fancy whistles!


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5 Responses to “Have you ever put your hoodie on backwards? I may or may not be asking for a specific reason.”

  1. Jo says:

    It’s a good look for you, except I can’t see that beautiful smile of yours… 😉

  2. […] Jenny On The Spot and I both had hoodie fails this morning, the difference is mine is a reenactment. […]

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