Talking to Tweens: Effects of Alcohol on the Developing Brain

What ARE the effects of alcohol on the developing brain, anyway? If you have ever consumed alcohol (parents), you are aware that alcohol does have an effect. Drinking too much, DEFINITELY has an effect. Even in smaller amounts it can affect the most responsible of adults. But what about the effects of alcohol on a […]

The D-Word: Talking to Teens About Drugs

Where to start when… talking to teens about drugs? It’s not like the topic just “pops” up in everyday conversation, and it can be a tough topic to address. *This post is sponsored by The PACT… a web-based tool designed to help prevent drug teen drug use. All opinion is my own. I have operated […]

Stop Mom Shaming

Mom shaming. It’s totally a thing. *I am working in partnership with Mom.Life app. All opinion and observations about mom shaming are my own. STOP MOM SHAMING I have endured my fair share of mom shaming. In fact a survey of 227 moms by Mom.life found:  • 79.2% were shamed at some point. • 53.86% […]

21 Parenting Do’s and Don’ts

I have been a parent for over 17 years. If we were counting cumulative years (3 kids at 11, 14, and 17 years)… I could almost say I have 42 years of parenting experience. Which, if you consider how VERY different each child is… I FEEL like I have been parenting 42 years.  Before I […]

Why Unstructured Time Matters for Tweens

Why DOES unstructured time matters for tweens? Can’t view the video? Watch HERE! *This is post was created in partnership with Ask. Listen. Learn. All opinion is my own. There is a school of thought that says a busy kid is a kid that stays out of trouble. While I do agree with that, I […]

Back to School: First Day of School Picture Keepsake

Those first day of school pictures… A rite of passage. Back to School: First Day of School Picture Keepsake Last year I did something that I wish I had been doing since we started taking first day of school pictures. But PINTEREST DIDN’T EXISTED THEN. {Read: I did not come up with this idea… I found it […]

11 Tips for Moms to Help Prepare for Back to School!

It’s almost time for BACK TO SCHOOL. Therefore: 11 Tips for Moms to Help Prepare for Back to School! Actually, some children in this country have been back to school for awhile now. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT? Aaaanywho… I figure it might be sweet of me to share some helpful tips on preparing for […]

Friday Nights Since Having Kids on Today Parenting

What are Friday nights since having kids like  for you? I filmed that with the Today Parenting Team at the Mom 2.0 conference (in Laguna in April) “on the spot”. You’d think by my blog name I’d perform a bit better in “on the spot” circumstances, but I feel like I kind-of choked. So, may […]

Subscription Box for Tweens: Tinker Crate – SLIME

Subscription Box for Tweens Lucy and I have been exploring subscription box services focusing on the tween set. This is our second *Tinker Crate box. The first one was a bit of a bust for us (hydraulic claw)… it was too complex for her, and we didn’t do an unboxing for that one. But we […]

Ten Internet Rules to Help Kids Stay Safe Online

Now hear this: Ten Internet Rules to Help Keep Kids Safe Online Herefollows internet commandments for kids going online for the first time, courtesy Pumpic. Please see the infographic created by Pumpic for great tips within each *commandment*… Don’t post something you will regret later. Protect your online privacy on social media. Don’t fall for email phishing […]