Learn How To Post 3D Photos To Facebook

Have you see them? Learn How To Post 3D Photos To Facebook They are popping up everywhere on my Facebook feed: DO YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO POST 3D PHOTOS TO FACEBOOK TOO? TOOLS: Besides a Facebook account… you’ll need a photo taken in portrait mode. I found THIS ARTICLE which suggests a possible […]

The Monday Minute – SO MUCH MONDAY

It is so a Monday. Pass the coffee pot and under eye concealer, please. Seriously. PASS IT ALL TO ME.

The Ten Commandments of How To Get Along With People

I spent some time cleaning my desk the other day. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF HOW TO GET ALONG WITH PEOPLE I have a lot of my great-grandmother’s photos. And some papers. I discovered one paper in particular and stuck it at my desk; but over time it became hidden by other things. As life and […]


Consume. Consume THIS. I woke up at 4:30. I couldn’t sleep… the result of a busy mind… and poor eating habits. While lying in bed I scrolled Facebook, read online articles that stirred my rage, stirred my heart, and further stirred my mind. I posted, replied, *liked*, hearted… I copy/pasted and emailed myself links to […]

Faith, Heart, Struggle

I don’t put my faith & really real heart struggles out there (here) often. Faith, Heart, Struggle Faith is messy. It’s misunderstood. It’s judged. It’s subject to wildly diverse perspective. And it’s personal. Faith is more personal than what people think about the size of my nose, the president I choose, or the intent of my […]

10 Best #PhelpsFace Memes

If you’ve been on the internet, it is probable you’ve seen the flood of #PhelpsFace memes. If you have not… NOW YOU HAVE. 10 Best #PhelpsFace Memes There are SO many, especially on Twitter. I went through and dug up a few (or 10) that made me do that whole LOL thing. Well, there’s mine […]

Cheese or Chocolate… and good old-fashioned blogging

I know I know… there are a BILLION pressing life issues and I ask questions like, “Cheese or Chocolate”. BUT SERIOUSLY. CHEESE OR CHOCOLATE??? If you could only choose to have one of the two for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Cheese or chocolate? This is hard one for me. Cheese […]

The Monday Minute: The First Day of Summer

Hi friends! It’s the first day of summer, y’all! The Monday Minute (or two) was LIVE this morning. So it was actually more like the Monday Minute (or TWENTY), but that’s how FB LIVE works… gotta give folks time to come visit! But just because it was live, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! I […]

My Summer Reading List With Audible

I have a summer reading list. Do you? Or perhaps I should say I have a summer LISTENING list. *This post is sponsored by Audible. All opinion is my own… and any claim to listening to books on Audible – has been due to my own self-driven obsession. You may or may not know I have […]

Pantone 448 C – The World’s Ugliest Color

The verdict is in. Pantone 448 C is the world’s ugliest color! A.K.A. Opaque Couché! I stumbled on this video on Facebook announcing this breaking news… At first I was all, “WHAT THE HECK? SPENDING MONEY ONE RESEARCHING THE UGLIEST COLOR?! FOOLS!!!” But I kept watching. I’m a sucker. I’m glad I did. No really, I […]