Homegate Party: 6 Cleaning Hacks in a Pinch

The Seahawks can’t just go on the field without preparation and expect to win. Having a party for this Sunday‚Äôs big game? How about… 6 Cleaning Hacks in a Pinch! And one can’t throw a party at home without some preparation and expect a clean place to party. *This post is sponsored by P&G products available at […]

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas

The time I have spent in my backyard this summer has been for function not for backyard escape. 10 Backyard Escape Ideas I have trimmed trees and shrubs, raked and tossed bad fruit, tossed a few outdoor tablecloths on my tables as weather permits… and I have stood on my deck and sighed. Countless times. […]

11 Ways to Impress Guests at Your Outdoor Party!

I have always wanted to throw a lovely outdoor party. 11 Ways to Impress Guests at Your Outdoor Party! An evening party. Or an afternoon party. Or a brunch party. Or just party party. Of course sites like Pinterest only fuel my desire. I became obsessed one evening (some people watch The Walking Dead, others […]

13 College Student Must-Haves – The Dorm Edition

Hey all! I have a very special guest writer today – Greer Gates! She is sharing 13 college student must-haves for college kids living in dorms… If you are a curious cat like me and want to know a bit about Greer you can watch our Monday Minute here and our Facebook LIVE here! Greer […]

Fall Decor. And Fall Food. And Costumes. And Straight Talk

I love Fall! I love the chill in the air. I love breaking out my stash of Fall decor. From pumpkins… *By the way, this post is sponsored by Straight Talk. All opinions and testimony on my love of all things Fall, including but not limited to pumpkins are my own.*  To more pumpkins… And more […]

DIY: Boot Shapers Using Paper Grocery Bags

Pretty much, the title says it all… DIY: Boot Shapers Using Paper Grocery Bags I made this into a video for 2 reasons: #1: Because I’m a vlogger and that is what vloggers do… make videos. #2: See #1 allowfullscreen> So… whattdya think? And now you know where I shop. But I digress. I was […]

Take It On Tuesday: Working With Chalk Paint (or my intention to)

I feel like I keep saying this, but… I recently moved. And what happens when a woman moves her nest? SHE MUST RENEST. Though the new place is smaller than the old place, the old place had A LOT more windows. Which means, I have a lot of blank walls to work with. But I […]

Around the Homestead

I walked around my yard and took some pictures. Around the homestead, if you will. It’s Fall and Fall is my favorite. But/and also we are going to be moving soon. I am going to miss this place. We aren’t leaving the area, but we are leaving the home we built and have lived in […]

My Home Style: Vintage Eclectic

I like the word eclectic. It’s a creative way of verbally cushioning the edges… or like knocking down a wall in a corner. Nobody puts baby in a corner. I digress… VINTAGE ECLECTIC Fancy, but thrifty? VINTAGE: I would say my home style falls into a “vintage eclectic” style category. My own “vintage” ranges from […]

A Little Christmas Home Decor Tour

I thought I’d share some photos of my Christmas home decor! This year the house is all dressed up with no place to go. She’s hosting no parties, but she still put on her lipstick, if you will. But that’s OK, we appreciate every effort to recognize this holiday that is so dear to us… […]