Teacher Appreciation Idea: Soda-lighted! (Free Printable!)

I have been in charge of staff appreciation at my daughter’s middle school this year. Teacher Appreciation Idea: Soda-lighted! There are over 100 staff members, and my job is to make sure the PTSA appreciation effort gets done each month. We’ve appreciated with donuts and soup and Italian sodas and little treats dropped in their […]

Making Summer Fun: For Both Mom and Kids

So here’s the thing about Summer… It’s awesome and it’s awful all at once. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but maybe I’m not. Making Summer Fun (ner) I love summer because the chaotic schedule loosens up. I love summer because it is warmer than January. I love summer because it means there is more time available during […]

The Summer Boredom Buster Jar

Summer is so cute. …The kids. …Not in school. …The sounds of giggles and expression of boredom fill our homes. The overall claim is that our mothers made us play outside and they didn’t entertain us. The words I read and hear about today’s children is they are spoiled and helicopter parented and can’t think […]

DIY: How To Make A Fairy Garden!

A little over a year ago I don’t think I had ever heard of a fairy garden. Have you ever heard of a fairy garden? Lucy and I went to a class at a local nursery and made a fairy garden together, and we had such a sweet time! And for the last year I […]

Spring Gifting: DIY Daisy Pots!

Hey friends! I have been wanting to share this little DIY with you for quite some time… DIY DAISY POTS! It’s pretty easy, guys! Just watch!This little craft doesn’t take a lot of skill. Nor time… The largest chunk of time will be spent gathering supplies. Because this is something I have been doing for […]

DIY Macramé Garland

It’s Take It On Tuesday and did I take something on… MACRAMÉ. I made this HUGE macramé yarn swag. Macramé yarn garland? NINE FEET of said yarn swag/garland. When in Rome! Go big or go home! Etc and whathaveyou. I went with the greens because St. Patty’s Day is at hand and green is an […]

DIY: 3 Easy Things To Make With Peeps!

*Originally shared March 2015* If you are anything like me… you may or may not think the next holiday is months away and then one day you sit in front of your camera to record a vlog and you realize EASTER IS A WEEK AWAY! I STILL HAVE MY MERRY CHRISTMAS CHALK BOARD UP!!! It […]

How To: Edible Peeps Play Dough with Lucy

You guys. This week is practically literally covered with the rainbow-colored fine sugar… the sweetness that coats Peeps. So much, if fact it feels like a Peeps-A-Palooza! My recent adventures in Peeps (as seen here and here and here) has lead us to our next sugar covered marshmallowy goodness – PEEPS PLAY DOUGH. Lucy and I […]

DIY: Peeps Necklace

I really don’t know where the idea came from… The DIY PEEPS NECKLACE. It is probably largely influence by the accessory trend that is inescapable right now… STATEMENT NECKLACES. And to tell you the truth, folks… nothing makes a statement quite like a NECKLACE MADE OF PEEPS. Related: nothing gets sugar and marshmallow in your […]

Craft Time! Let’s Make a JOY Sign!

Hi guys! I know it’s on the last-minute sign as far as creating holiday decor goes, but that’s how life goes sometimes and I thought that instead of saving this for next year, I’d share it now… It’s a JOY sign! I just grabbed a couple 6 foot boards (already stained) over there at a […]