Positive Fight Mode for Ian is in FULL EFFECT

Positive Fight Mode for Ian! In the few short weeks since Ian’s diagnosis (you can read more about that here)(and feel free to share, share, SHARE!), it is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL to see how many people have come together to support the Gunnell family as their lives turn upside down. We are fortunate to be […]

COMMUNITY… ACTIVATE! Positive Fight Mode for Ian

*Update 10/1: The official PFM for Ian website is UP with link for donation help… HERE! The site is still “under construction”, but the critical info is living there now.¬† *Update 9/27: There are a lot of wonderful plans in the works. Hoping there will be a simply donation site sooner than later, but there […]

It’s the FOURTH Annual POULSBOPALOOZA in 3… 2…1…

In it’s fourth year, Poulsbopalooza is. This Saturday, August 11, 2012!!! This local event is particularly near-and-dear for several reasons: 1) It started small (2009) in an effort to bring the stage to us… Don’t wait for an invitation, people. Become THE INVITER… A local park had a stage. I called up the local parks […]

This is only half of the peanut M&Ms I had hidden in my pocket.

I walked to the park with the kids Sunday afternoon. Something about the cousins bouncing off the walls and waiting for a birthday party to start… I had to take supplies. RIGHT? Actually, this was only a third of what was in my pocket. At one point I hugged my daughter and she said I […]

Kitsap Children’s Musical Theatre Presents: The Music Man! (with giveaway!)

If you have been here before, you may be aware that we are a theatre family. Proof: here and here Though our family has taken the spring show off, the theatre group that has become family to us HAS NOT. This May Kitsap Children’s Musical Theatre is bringing us Music Man! Oh… and no big […]

Finding Kind: A film about girl on girl bullying.

Oh Bullying…¬†Aren’t you the popular kid right now? But not popular in an enviable way. The movie Bully is opening this coming weekend. My dear friend sister from another mister, Lu of Art Slam shares her story of being bullied here. Her story is a prime example of this girl-on-girl bullying that we are seeing […]

The WSU Kitsap Small Farms Expo, y’all!

ANY FARMERS IN DA HOOOOOOOUSE??? OK, so… I’m pretty sure most of the folks who pop by my humble online home here are NOT farmers. I mean, they are busy. Farmers. Growing food and flowers. Tending animals and crops and such. But what about you? Maybe you have a few chickens… Do you grow flowers […]

Are you comfortable asking for help?

I’m not. Things that make me uncomfortable: childbirth people who eat their boogers asking for help What about asking for help for others? Is that different? It depends, I suppose. I suppose I’d rather ask for help for someone else than for me. It’s still something that is very hard for me to do. For […]

Dance, Drama and Vocal Classes in Kitsap County! And a Kitty. And a Hedgehog.

As you may or may not know, my children are involved in a local children’s musical theatre group. All of them. Which means – I keep a lot of make-up around, and we eat more snacks than meals. It also means cutest pictures ever!!! Since we are so deeply involved, naturally I would like to […]

So you want to know how to make a Shirley Temple? [video]

I made this lil’ how-to video last year around this time. The thing is, it’s a great time of year for serving fun, cool drinks! Let’s do it again!!! Besides, I am not into re-inventing the wheel, and also — judging by the number of views this video has had… I know the whole world […]