Annie at the Paramount in Seattle!

We are a theatre family.¬†Somewhere along the way my kids got involved in a local children’s theatre group. My children have played villains and bugs and animals and various storybook characters ranging in roles from chorus to leads. So, the idea of heading to a play is exciting for us for at least two reasons… […]

Kitsap Great Give 2015

Jesus is quoted in Acts 20:35 as saying “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” No matter your feelings about Jesus, these words are true. There is much blessing in giving. Not that we should give to be blessed, but I think you know what I mean. And if you don’t, check out […]

Treehouse and National Foster Care Month

May (THIS month!) is National Foster Care Month. Related: IT’S MAY ALREADY?!!! I was asked by Treehouse to share with you about their organization to help raise awareness about the issues facing foster children in Washington state. They are a leading Washington nonprofit organization working to address the essential education and enrichment needs of kids […]

I HEART MORNINGS: The Morning Show for Non Morning People!

Hi. My name is Jenny Ingram and this is: I HEART MORNINGS… (Click on the image above or here to go to video on I Heart Kitsap.) Look! It’s the morning show for non-morning people! Or at least the pilot for it! A couple of months back I was at a local grocery store… just […]

Flicka, a Charming New Women’s Boutique Opens in Poulsbo!

There’s a charming new women’s boutique that just opened in Poulsbo… Flicka. It’s not pronounced FliHcka, but Fleeeeekah. It means “girl” in Swedish. If you are familiar with Poulsbo, you will understand why this name is a perfect fit. And if you know the family that opened this store, then it makes even more sense. […]

Vintage Fashion Show & Bazaar – Benefitting NW Children’s Fund!

If you are a fan of fashion. And vintage. Aaaaaand helping children, then do I have an event for YOU! My Pacific Northwest friends! Mark your calendars for ¬†Saturday, March 2! For a mere $30, the event includes a fashion show, fabulous vintage shopping, a light luncheon buffet, entry in drawing to win $200 to […]

Ian’s Carol: An Interfaith Jubilee of Hope & Voices, feat. Groove for Thought!

The morning of September 22nd, I received a forwarded email from my friend Andrea. About a local boy who attended my kids’ school… who was diagnosed on the first day of school with an insanely rare form of leukemia. I wept. I’m a mom. This little boy is just a year younger than my youngest… […]

Positive Fight Mode for Ian – Call for Photos!!!

The team at Positive Fight Mode for Ian is making a call for photos!!! Don’t know what PFM for Ian is? You can read-up about the story of Ian, a local first grader, who is fighting leukemia HERE. Our local community has activated like GANG-BUSTERS. Since the end of September, this community and donations from […]

Project Sparkle: Notes and Pictures of Supreme Awesome for Ian and His Family!

Hi friends! So there’s this little boy who has been undergoing chemotherapy for a few weeks now. Ian. You can read the full story here. You can check out the still-under-construction website here. You can find the shiny new Facebook page here. Ian has a sister in 5th grade (Jenna), a sister in 9th grade […]

Positive Fight Mode for Ian is in FULL EFFECT

Positive Fight Mode for Ian! In the few short weeks since Ian’s diagnosis (you can read more about that here)(and feel free to share, share, SHARE!), it is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL to see how many people have come together to support the Gunnell family as their lives turn upside down. We are fortunate to be […]