Awesome of All Awesomeness.

There is no better title, for I found (via Twitter, but cannot remember who tweeted it!)  The Periodic Table of Awesomements. I LOVE Awesome. It is not only my favorite word, but also my favorite STATE OF BEING! I implore you – go check out the full Periodic Table of Awesomements (I included a screen shot below as a teaser… if you click on it – you will be transported to the full table of Awesomements…). It lists such things as: Bacon! Chuck Norris! Guitar Solos! Coffee! Chocolate! Mullets! Hoodies! Eagles! Cheetas! Light Sabers! The only 2 things I noticed missing were: Jenny! & Glitter! I’ll see what I can do about that…

Are you Awesome? You most certainly are… you came HERE didn’t you? And, just as a reminder… I never (details) claimed to be perfect — just Awesome… 


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8 Responses to “Awesome of All Awesomeness.”

  1. Rhi says:

    Running off to see if I’m on the table…

  2. Bubba's Sis says:

    Uh, hello?? Where’s my name?? It should be under BS!

    While I do agree with many of those things (chocolate and Chuck Norris are both pretty damn awesome), it seems obvious that this table was created by a man. Boobs? Really? And I don’t see shopping anywhere on the list.

  3. Musing says:

    Yes, you are teh awesome!

    And speaking of bacon, did you see the site Julia twittered about?

    You add your url and it puts a big ‘ol slice of bacon on the first page of your blog. 🙂

  4. furiousball says:

    they totally missed hockey fights… FAIL

  5. My MMLM post…Monk Magnum PI parody … Make Me Laugh Monday !…

  6. D... says:

    What? Dinosaur is D? I think not! It should totally be me. 😉

  7. haha … ok that’s AWESOME 😀

    When you have a minute, come check out our awards ceremony … you are a recipient of one of the best (IMHO) awards on the net.

  8. jennielynn says:

    Um yes, the ommission of glitter is a SERIOUS oversight. But Bubba’s Sis? Boobs are completely and utterly (udderly? ha!) awesome. Boobs are the awesomest.

    And I truly believe they didn’t put Jenny on, because, my dear, you transcend awesome. You are super-awesome.

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