A Christmas DIY Round-up!

The last few months have been filled with things like… moving.

Just moving, actually.

Oh and a 20th anniversary trip to Hawaii with my beloved…

20thblogHitherhencetofore, very little of my time has been spent creating fun holiday things. As much as I hate to let that piece go, you do what you gotta do and you know what? When it comes to moving (right before Thanksgiving) I find I fall into a TRIAGE sort-of mentality: deal with the bleeder first.

In this case the bleeding things were getting AN ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD MOVED and the family settled in so I could leave them for a week. And then escape with my guy because if we did not take time for us after 20 years… this blog post might have been about something very different.Where am I going with this.

Unfortunately, or rather FORTUNATELY… decorating and crafting during the holidays  is not a “bleeder” when it comes to the to-do list. Whether or not you throw a move into the mix.

ALL OF THAT TO SAY… I have no shiny, new cute ideas to share with you. But I have been pinning as if I would have had something to share…. PROOF HERE and HERE.

Instead of sharing something new, I thought I’d share old things… a REPRISE, if you will. The ideas are still good (I think), and I know there are a few new folks visiting the old blog (WELCOME NEW PEOPLE!) and, well… Here follows the round up of my own holiday ideas from holiday seasons past… a.k.a: Christmas DIY Round-up!

Plus, people like round-up posts.


Check out this link for my little Christmas home tour last year to see how these items hung out at my house.

Oh heck… How about a couple of recipes?

– Here’s the link to my favorite favorite favorite holiday side dish… Sweet Potato Casserole. You’ll be back to thank me.

Rocky Roads are a favorite around here. But if you make these to giveaway, don’t be surprised if you eat them all before you can give them away.

– With all there is to day during this time of year, making a good dinner can be tough. This recipe is across the board a family favorite (read: the kids LOVE it)… and it’s just about as easy as it gets as far as prep and cook time… Rosemary Garlic Oven Roasted Pork Tenderloin.


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